Apr 17

Syndicate Your Blog NOW!


Many people who have a blog simply make a post with their specific content and stop therewithout promoting it. If you want to increase your traffic to your blog…you absolutely must take the link to your post…and plaster it everywhere! Do this every day…and you will increase your targeted traffic immediately.

Here are some GREAT tips on how to Syndicate your blog and posts…and remember…to do this every day and then watch what happens!!  You WILL gain a lot of traffic!

I have my OWN blog set up to post automatically to my social networks and use both Hootsuite and Dlvr.it All I do is compose a good post with rich content…and when I click on Publish…it posts not only to my blog itself…but also to Facebook, My Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler etc. And if you have more than ONE facebook or twitter account…it will post to those as well!!

Be sure to learn more about Backlinks and then follow through below to create true syndication for you blog. Remember…the more you blog post url gets out there on the web…the more traffic you will generate!! I have a special post regarding backlinks here on my blog ==> Social Bookmark Backlinks

Step 1 – Copy your blog URL from your blog post onto your clipboard

Step 2 – Run the URL through these sites

Step 3 – Email your content to your email lists!

  • GVO or Aweber and your personal contacts via gmail if you have any of their emails…

Step 4 Post your URL to facebook groups

  • Do it to as many groups as possible or that time allows manually! (100-300 would set you free!)

Above steps you do to both Viral & SEO posts.

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