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Solo Ad Success!


What are Solo Ads?

In the simplest terms a solo ad is when you pay someone to email their existing list with your offer. Generally, the email will be with their recommendation and will include your image and link to your free offer. Most of the time network marketers run solo ads with free mlm training or info, to capture leads.

Why Use Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a proven way to generate leads for your network marketing business, or any business for that matter. Solo Ads allow you to leverage your time. Lead generation strategies like SEO, Blogging, and Facebook PPC are all great, but they take some time to learn and implement.

Most new marketers don’t have a contact list to broadcast to – though they should start building one immediately within their own autoresponder.

By using someone else’s list to advertise, you are actually building your list as people opt in to your capture page. In my opinion, solo ads are the quickest way to collect leads and build your mlm business. If you have a decent marketing budget, you can get some massive results, relatively quick. If you don’t, you can run a solo ad for about $25 – $100.

Step 1 — Solo Ad Vendors

Below is a list of highly recommended solo ad vendors. Also. If you know someone having a lot of success with solo ads, check with them first and try the source they are getting results with.

. Below are some other ways to find vendors:
• Google “network marketing” + “solo ads” — If your niche is something else, put it in the first set of quotes.
• Look in the Warrior Forum. Look in the Solo Ad threads.
• Safe Swaps
• Directory of Ezines

Step 2 — Disqualify Low Quality Solo Ad Vendors

After researching several vendors, send an email to them, introduce yourself, and include:

• Your niche and basic information
• Link to your lead capture page
• What your offer is about
• Ask them if anyone has sent anything similar and how did it do

If they respond and things look good, then show them your ad copy ask them how they think it will do.
They know their list and how it responds better than anyone.
If they don’t respond it is probably not someone you want to work with or can trust.

We always recommend that you run a smaller test campaign first ($50 or less) and once you have good results…then proceed by purchasing more clicks.

UDMI Solo Ads

I highly recommend UDMI for Solos… as you can pay for clicks and choose from many sellers who run with huge lists.  I always get lots of optins to my form through various sellers and can recommend the ones that work best for me. Get your own free account and portal that saves your ads, best sellers, results, and also tracks all of your clicks.

Top Solo Ad Directory


Warrior Forum


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