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If you are ready to earn the kind of money that you deserve….
Pure Leverage is a ‘done for you’ marketing system that pays you!

Right Here – Right NOW! AND you’ll earn 100% commissions!!

Millions of business opportunities are being marketed out there every day…promoting ALL kinds of products and services…and every single person who is promoting PERIOD must have the right kinds of tools to generate leads, capture prospects, and then conversions to sales. Not to mention…the kind of training that is cutting edge so you know HOW to DRIVE the kind of traffic you need to make more money! You may have heard… the REAL money IS in THE TOOLS – it’s TRUE!!!

And now…you can generate a full time income stream sharing the hottest, highest in demand and most productive tool suite on the Internet to millions of Internet marketers who NEED this service!

Pure Leverage, from Joel Therien, the owner of GVO, where everything you need to explode your business is all under one AMAZING account! And it will save you a LOT of money!

Once you take a good look at all you get for only $24.95 a month ….you’ll be ready to get your own FREE TRIAL and all of this for ONLY $1.



It’s a fact that most people find it very difficult and expensive to find effective internet marketing coaching.

  • Proven attraction marketing techniques that will have all YOUR prospects calling YOU.
  • How to leverage your team to create predictable monthly and residual income for life.
  • Learn the steps on how to pick up 18 paid sign-ups into YOUR primary business everyday without having to make a single call.
  • How to motivate YOUR team and increase their “stick” rate from months to years.
  • What to say to prospects so that you know you have the “right type” of people on your team.


Pure Leverage includes a very high quality designed lead capture system. Most people do not know how to create capture pages that really capture to bring high numbers of information requests. This system

  • Build your list to 10,000 subscribers
  • Complete turnkey autoresponder and lead system targeted for YOUR primary MLM or direct response business.
  • Simple “point and click” system–no “techie” experience necessary at all.
  • Tons of professionally designed squeeze pages that convert as high as 50 percent!
  • Complete ad copy and autoresponder series written for you.
  • Tracks your open rates, click through rates and conversions in one simple graphical interface.


The second thing Joel Therien used to build an eight-figure business was a blog. Pure Leverage comes with a very personal, professional authority blog and website. Blogging has created more millionaires than almost anything else online. Pure Leverage will teach you exactly step-by-step how to use blogging to your advantage and how to drive even more traffic to your business.

Google and all the other major search engines LOVE blogs and the user-generated content in that blog. Every time you make a simple post…it can generate a ton of traffic for you.


Now that you have the traffic coming to your high converting lead capture pages and your professional blog, your leads list WILL grow. Simply choose your template, record your video and then send your video message to your whole team with one click of a mouse directly to their inbox or by posting it on your blog! A picture may say a thousand words; however, a video says a million more :)

  • Video email autoresponder.
  • Professional custom made video mail templates.
  • Make a deep connection with your prospects.
  • Stay in touch and build rapport.


Joel and his marketing team will show you how and where to get the best quality traffic to YOUR site. You can have the BEST opportunity and business with the best pay plan and the best marketing system in the world….however if you don’t have traffic and website visitors…you simple will never make any money.

  • Discover the Top Sites that are Just Waiting to Send Visitors to YOU.
  • The Best Ways to Increase YOUR Traffic NOW.
  • How to Generate Low Cost Traffic
  • Using Viral Marketing to Explode YOUR Traffic.
  • How to Make the Most of YOUR Visitors.


The days of hotel meetings for live business presentations in the network marketing industry are GONE, especially when you can use the power of the Pure Leverage marketing suite of tools. As your team grows exponentially and globally, you will find that your Pure Leverage recruiting and live meeting room will be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. This amazing system allows you to communicate in real time audio and video, conduct presentations, share your desktop or files with all of your attendees.

The best part is your attendees will be able to join your live meetings with just a PC and internet connection! There is nothing like live, yet convenient interaction with your team and prospects to keep your downline motivated and exploding!

  • 100-seat Meeting Room
  • Push PowerPoint
  • Share your desktop
  • Engage Multiple speakers
  • Broadcast video and movies to your attendees.
  • Take live on the spot polls.
  • Record full audio/video of presentation.
  • Compatible with ALL operating systems.
  • Chat, video chat and voice chat with your attendees

Is Pure Leverage Different From Empower Network?

YES! While Pure Leverage offers a blogging platform…it also offers many more tools as you can see above.

Although both Pure Leverage and Empower Network have their own unique compensation structures in place, both offer 100% commissions. With Empower there is an additional $19.99 merchant account fee….with Pure Leverage there is an additional $19.95 per month reseller fee.

Pure Leverage is the HOTTEST opportunity of 2013!!

The pay plan is incredible and WHY so many people are making so MUCH money!!

100% commissions on first month referrals.
• 50% commissions on second month referrals.
• 50% matching bonus on your referrals income.

– Does Aweber pay you for your mailing?
– Does Amazon pay you for your videos, and video storage?
– Does GoTo Meeting pay you for your webinars?


Do they pay you for any clients that you send there way?
(YEP like 10%…would you rather not get 100%)


So…grab YOUR Pure Leverage position RIGHT NOW…lock it in …then decide!!









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