Cancer Killing Protocols

The Information On This Page Is NOT Only For Cancer Patients But Also For Prevention!

Fighting cancer requires keeping your body in the healthiest state possible
so everything included on this page can BENEFIT everyone, whether you have a disease or not.

There are many all natural cancer killing protocols out there and I didn’t even realize HOW MANY until I got cancer myself!

I already was well aware of my alternative treatments of choice as I have close friends who have become cancer free by utilizing these methods and all with NO CHEMO! The others I came across through study and exposure after I became ill.

This is not to say, these should be taken IN PLACE of chemo. Everyone has to make this decision. It does however go to show that they certainly can not hurt to add them regardless of one’s decision. Also to consume them AFTER chemo treatments.

Regardless of one’s decision, I strongly believe that chemo alone is NOT enough and that you must keep your body as healthy as possible to give yourself a fighting chance.

Therefore I encourage everyone to investigate seriously and I have included some extra links that provide even more information.

My VERY OWN Protocol is Below so I hope that this page is of great help to you! 

The Very First Step I Took When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer!

Even though I have been marketing online for 24 years, and I have promoted some of the best nutritional products to be found anywhere in the world… I started to extensively research cancer killing protocols once I was diagnosed.

I came across Chris Wark, a cancer survivor who has helped thousands of people with his protocol. So many people in fact, his story is known almost worldwide now and he’s been featured on many programs, seminars and blogs.

I highly encourage everyone who is actively fighting cancer or looking to prevent cancer to access his site and information.

His videos, course and book helped me tremendously.

You can access his site here:

Not only can you purchase his course… but he gives away his first training for FREE!
So check it out for sure!!

You also can Google his name and interviews on YouTube. THESE ARE FREE!

He has interviewed so many cancer survivors who have used nutrition to heal their cancer. From Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Colon Cancer… the list is endless!

Click Here For Chris Wark’s YouTube Channel and Subscribe!!

Food Matters TV!

Another source of information that I highly recommend!

This is worth more then I can ever express …. AND… you can subscribe to this channel for only $10 per month!

Documentaries are included on how to heal and become cancer free!

Plus ongoing information That Will Help You To:

  • Detox your body naturally & easily
    Reduce bloating and fatigue
    Heal your gut naturally
    Lose weight & keep it off
    Reduce stress & release unwanted negative emotions
    Naturally prevent & reverse chronic disease
    Discover your true purpose and passion
    Break free from food addictions
    Reduce environmental toxins
    Nourish your body with real food
    And More!

My Own Cancer Fighting Protocol!

I consume SUPER NUTRITION every single day.

This includes all organic healthy food, very little meat, no sugar, wheat or dairy.

And yes, I will eat CLEAN meat a few times per month as well as consume a little dairy! However, I also make sure that the chicken is cage free, antibiotic and hormone free as well. Same with fish… you must eat clean meat as whatever that animal has eaten goes into your body!

For the most part… it’s best to avoid meat and dairy at first, especially when you are fighting and not yet in full remission.

Even afterwards, it’s still best to follow a vegan diet, and avoid sugar and alcohol as much as you can.

Basically I followed Chris Wark’s program very closely and consume additional supplements that have been proven to kill cancer cells. And it’s proven to work so well that my lifestyle has changed so much for the better that I would never go back to the way I was regardless!

I also follow Food Matters TV and educate myself daily with new mindset procedures, cancer fighting methods, recipes, meditation, motivation and more!

Eat Organic – Drink CLEAN Alkaline Water! 

This is a CRUCIAL step!  IF you are fighting cancer right now… your body simply can’t handle the chemicals that are sprayed on our food that GIVE people cancer!  

And your WATER?   Your body ALREADY can’t tolerate chemicals found in water… such as Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Perchlorate and Dioxins to name a few.  You NEED clean Alkaline Water. 


MOST stores are now selling organic produce
as it has become HIGH in DEMAND.   More and more people are aware that chemicals are causing cancer!   If you don’t have Alkaline filters for your water, you can buy it in gallon jugs at Walmart!

A normal person can expel chemicals for the most part (for awhile that is) but those who are in a weakened state with spreading cancer cells sure can’t!   You already HAVE diseased cells AND are unable to eliminate the poison (like Round UP) that is on our vegetables.   No matter how MUCH you WASH your food… this doesn’t matter!   It has seeped DOWN into the food and goes directly into your body! 

The same thing goes for MEAT!!   Whatever that animal ATE… goes directly into your body!  Fish included! Bottom feeders are the worst!   When you are in this fight… eliminate meat or at LEAST eat clean, hormone and antibiotic free!  If you simply can’t go without beef… at least eat GRASS FED!   Just think of what they inject into the chickens that we consume.   You must clear your body of harmful hormones and chemicals so you can win your battle! 

I drink Alkaline Water!  Cancer cells can’t live in a high alkaline environment and the immediate areas in your body surrounding the cancer cells can become acidic.

Cancer cells thrive in acidity (low pH), but not in alkalinity (high pH), so drinking alkaline water and consuming a diet high in alkaline foods is crucial.   Like fruits and vegetables that also limits acidic foods, such as those from animal products, will raise blood pH levels and create an environment in the body that discourages cancer growth

Lemon Water and Essiac Tea!

I start my day with a full organic lemon in hot water along with Essiac Tea.

Lemon destroys cancer cells and it’s even more effective in hot water. This also must be consumed on an empty stomach so I have this the very first thing in the morning before I have my coffee.

Simply peel the lemon, leaving as much of the white skin underneath the peel in tact. Then put it in your blender or Ninja. After it’s been chopped up… add hot alkaline water to it with a bit of stevia (this helps it to not be sour and it’s really good!) Blend again.

The E-Tea (Essiac Tea) I get in capsules… and you can also get this on Amazon in different brands. Essiac Tea is a huge cancer fighter and is one of the best alternative medicines you can take!

I open 6 capsules into my cup and then pour the hot lemon water in and stir.





Do not consume any food for at least 30 minutes. (however you can drink your coffee afterwards:-)

Drink Juice!

I drink my own organic juice all day long. It’s been prepared with my juicer and made ahead of time. You can freeze it and then set it out as needed… but be sure to drink it within 3 days time.

It is BEST to make it FRESH in your own kitchen and does take time but is SO GOOD and HEALTHY!!!

If you can’t make it fresh and DON’T HAVE TIME…

Walmart also carries bottled Organic Carrot Juice that I will drink on occasion.   The MORE juice you drink, the better and you will learn this in Chris Wark’s protocol.  This juice will clean your system and help fight cancer! IF you stop drinking it… you will be able to tell a BIG difference in the way you FEEL!

Walmart, Aldi’s, Schnucks and Dierbergs continue to add more and more organic vegetables every week so be sure to check out their produce section.

Since preparation to make your juice does require some time and work… I make big batches that will last for 5-7 days and I store them in Mason Jars. The quart sized jars are best… and you can drink it right from the jar… or into a glass.

It’s easiest as you juice… to combine it all as you go into a large soup pan, mix it up well with a whisk and then dip it out and pour into the Mason Jars.

I use my Jack LaLanne Juicer. Any juicer will do but can be very expensive. Vita-Mix of course is one of the best… but can run about $400! You do want to use a pretty good one and I have found that Jack LaLanne is much more affordable and does the job! You can get one at Walmart for around $70.

You can add whatever you wish… but the CARROTS and BEETS are most important!!

I add 5-8 pounds of organic carrots (I use bagged baby carrots), 6 good sized organic red beets (the stems and leaves as well) 4 bags of Organic celery stalks (leaves and all) and 5 -6 pounds of Organic Fuji apples. Fuji’s are super sweet and be sure to leave the skin on too!!

The more juice you drink… the better you will feel and the more it will help fight cancer!

The Budwig Breakfast!

I strongly encourage
everyone to explore the Budwig Diet. I eat this every morning for breakfast and have spoken with many cancer survivors who consume this on a daily basis. Every one of them have stayed in remission for 10+ years claiming that this diet is the reason.

In fact… throughout my own journey, I have sought out the longest living Ovarian Cancer Survivors around the world and have contacted them. I wanted to follow exactly what they have done for survival. The Budwig has been included in many protocols! I met Sandy who is a 20 year survivor and she sent me her Budwig protocol which I will be happy to share with anyone who wants it.

The Budwig diet is a very powerful protocol when done properly and has healed thousands upon thousands of people with chronic and terminal diseases.

Dr. Budwig was born in Germany in 1908. She passed away in 2003 at the age of 95. She has been referred to as a top European cancer research scientist, biochemist, blood specialist, German pharmacologist, and physicist. She also was a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee.

Dr. Budwig discovered that when she combined flaxseed oil, with its powerful healing nature of essential electron rich unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane.

By using an emulsifier … this changes the molecular structure and causes cancer cell death.


You can do research yourself or simply request my PDF protocol and I will send it to you. Just fill out the contact form on this site or contact me by email. It’s simple and easy to make plus a delicious way to start the day!

Eat 2 Salads Per Day!

Of course raw veggies are best

for everyone who is fighting cancer and just as important for those who are trying to prevent from getting it!

So much can be added as well as using various dressings that are super healthy for you!

Be sure to view Chris Wark’s Cancer Fighting Salad here:

I love Romaine lettuce and add in all kinds of fruit, red onion, mushrooms and nuts into mine.

1 Smoothie Per Day!

There are so many smoothie recipes out there and drinking 1 per day can be extremely beneficial! Below is what I drink every day!



1 Scoop Of Green Zone
1 Scoop of Collostrum
1 Tablespoon Of Trace Minerals
1 Scoop of Organic Protein Powder
1 Scoop of Red Raspberry Seed Powder
1 Organic Banana
1 Cup of Organic Strawberries
1 Cup of Organic Blueberries



CBD Oil!

I take CBD Oil which is a HUGE benefit! It helps not only with PAIN but increases your overall health in addition!  Most importantly it helps a great deal with inflammation which causes cancer to spread.


CBD oil does NOT contain THC nor do you get a high feeling.  All you feel is pain relief and improved body function! It is one of the best cancer fighting treatments you can use in my opinion.

Beware however! CBD oil is becoming so commercialized that you now SEE it being sold everywhere! Even in grocery stores and little CBD shops popping up all over the place! That is because it is so HIGH in DEMAND!

However… it is NOT all the same and if it’s cheap… it is not real or pure.  It can’t be! 

In fact… most of these products use “synthetic” oil and other fillers.  They are not pure and you most certainly don’t need anything in your body but pure CBD when you are fighting cancer.  

So many people tell me “I tried CBD and didn’t feel a thing”  Of course they didn’t! They bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond and paid $10 for it.  

Pure CBD is SO effective but normally runs $80 – $100.  And even THEN you must make sure it is pure!  You get what you pay for! 

For anyone interested… I can share the very BEST CBD Oil that I have found.  I have had unbelievable results with this.  It is the most pure and effective OIL that has proven to be real and powerful.   And for half the cost of most other brands out there too! 

Just look for the CBD links on this page or click below.

Also… once you have great results … simply share and refer a few other people (like I do)  and yours can be actually be PAID for with just a few referrals. There is no need to buy the inferior, cheap synthetic oils with other filler ingredients!

In fact, I love sharing this with others because it helps them so much plus anyone can also generate a great income stream with this too!  It’s THAT GOOD and doesn’t cost a dime!  I can show you how if interested! 

I have actually marketed some of the best nutritional products in the world for over 24 years so it makes sense that I promote a product that has helped me tremendously plus impacted so many others with cancer!   It must be organic and pure! 

All CBDs are NOT the same!

Learn how to get the BEST CBD for FREE 🙂


Extra Supplementation!

In addition to the E-Tea Capsules, I also consume many other cancer fighting herbs! 

Garlic, Tumeric, Ginger, Red Clover, Cats Claw and more.  All help reduce inflammation which causes cancer to spread.   When it’s available… I also take Paw Paw Cell Reg (this has been found to be stronger then chemotherapy)

Everyone needs to take Omega 9 and Vitamin D3 every single day.

Be sure to get SUN every day… even if you sit out in it for only 15 minutes!

I also take 200 MG of Ibuprofen daily to help with inflammation.

Inflammation alone can cause a rise in your numbers and also can cause cancer to spread.   (You also must take 20mg of Omeprazole daily to protect your stomach) 

Eliminate Sugar, Preservatives and Chemicals from your life!

Sugar feeds cancer plain and simple.

Due to the anaerobic respiratory mechanism exhibited by ALL cancer cells, sugar is cancer’s favorite food! What this means is that cancer feeds on sugar. This is another reason to keep the “White Death”  out of your diet and reduce your risk of various cancers, isn’t it?

Whether you are currently healing from a type of cancer such as breast cancer or prostate cancer, or are simply trying to maintain good dietary principles, studies show that you avoid white sugar, brown sugar, agave, and all artificial sweeteners such as aspartame/AminoSweet, sucralose, and saccharin. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s best to stick with 100% organic green stevia, xylitol, raw honey, pure maple syrup, molasses, and coconut sugar.


Your doctor most likely… will not tell you this and there are countless myths out there that this is hogwash … but ask anyone who knows about alternative medicine and they will tell you the truth.

I can tell you the truth as well. Like a fool, I went OFF of my no sugar diet and my cancer came right back.

When you consume food that causes cancer to grow and spread… and when you consume food that is full of unhealthy chemicals and preservatives … that is exactly what will happen!

It’s very hard to eliminate it all but you must become a label reader! Natural sugar from fruit is fine but refined sugar only will help cancer to spread. It’s just bad for anyone. White and brown table sugars are refined, meaning they have gone through a chemical process that removes impurities and beneficial nutrients.

Poison is bad enough when you are healthy, but if you are fighting cancer your body is not strong enough to eliminate the junk that is in almost everything you eat, drink and touch. This includes preservatives in packaged and canned foods, chemicals in your soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent and more. Eating organic and Non-GMO food is a must. The last thing you need in your body is weed killer!


Your heart and entire body MUST stay active! I try and walk 4 miles a day at least. If it’s raining… I am on my treadmill! 🙂

This is one of the most IMPORTANT facts when you are fighting cancer! Whether it be a brisk walk in the morning or evening, riding your bike, walking on the treadmill, or working out in the gym…. this is crucial!

Chemotherapy will rob your body, deplete your muscles and ruin your skin tone, not to mention what it does to your organs. By staying active and increasing your oxygen, you are cleansing your system, strengthening your heart and firming your muscles. No matter how sick you feel… you MUST keep moving and you will feel better and better!

Organic and chemical free food, clean water, chemical free soaps and detergents, chemical free shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, the right supplements and exercise will help keep cancer cells from igniting and growing! And it can become YOUR lifestyle that will help keep you healthy and cancer free!

Dry Infared Sauna!

It has been proven that high temperatures can kill cancer cells outright (thermal ablation). Research studies have shown that effective heat therapy (including saunas) are effective in dealing with cancer pain but also have proven to SHRINK TUMORS!!
My portable unit is WONDERFUL
and I use it every single day. Talk about sweating the poisons out from your body! PLUS it eases muscle and joint pain.

I have had a lot of surgery (8 organs removed and a double bowel resection) and this has been life changing as the heat penetrates deep into my body. It helps with weight loss too and you are completely soaked when you get out after only 20 minutes 🙂

The portable models are inexpensive as well! Mine was only $160 and worth every penny.   It is a Radiant model and I purchased it on Amazon.

In Closing…

By making some lifestyle changes… and yes they are BIG ONES… you can give yourself a fighting chance and add years on to your life!

Or… you can prevent cancer all together!

My practitioner told me many times… this is the hardest thing you will ever do and he’s right! It is!

However… once you do it and feel the difference, it becomes enjoyable! You will start to crave this lifestyle and WON’T EVER even want go back to the sluggish feeling you once had. Feed your body what it needs and you will not only feel like a million bucks but it WILL HEAL itself! Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence!

I know that my own cancer can come back at any time and there is a 95% recurrence rate with Ovarian Cancer especially.  However… I am planning on being here another 20 years if I can!   And I have found that by implementing this complete lifestyle change… I have added extra quality years to my life and I feel amazing! Chemotherapy alone is simply not enough.

Heal your body
with what it needs and then keep going!

Change your lifestyle and prevent cancer all together!

Questions? Please contact me if I can be of Assistance!




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