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grandkids3Christmas, December 25, 2017 – With My 5 Grandchildren – One Day Before Surgery 

My Story Could Help Save Some Lives …

Please bookmark this page and share it with as many women as you can.  Also, share this link with anyone that has been affected by cancer, post this in cancer forums and groups to spread the word.

In fact, I have had so many people thank me for sharing this information as it prompted them to NOT put things off…  get their tests and make serious changes in their lives.   And…  there have been quite a few that once they DID take action, found early disease and are now in the clear!

I hope this information can be helpful for ALL Cancer Victims!    

My name is Cindy Christeson and I am
60 years old.

In December 2017, a few weeks before Christmas, I was diagnosed with a silent killer.

Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer.

In 2018, there was approximately 22,240 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed in the US and 14,070 of them resulted in death.

Statistics show that only 29%  will live for five years with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer after receiving full rounds of chemotherapy.

Statistics show a  10 – 20% five year Survival Ratio with Stage 4 after completing chemotherapy. 

Early detection is crucial for survival.  Because this cancer is so hard to detect, most are not diagnosed until the late stages which are Stages 3 and 4. 

The strongest risk factor for ovarian cancer is a family history of breast or ovarian cancer. Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 account for almost 40% of ovarian cancer cases in women with a family history of the disease.

Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women.

In 2018 there was approximately 266,120 new cases and 40,920 died from this deadly disease though death rates have been decreasing thanks to earlier detection.  A woman’s risk of breast cancer nearly doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cancer Statistics in the United States

In the US, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime.   This means women have a 50/50 chance of getting some form of cancer.

Preventative measures MUST be taken!

In 2018   1,735,350 new cancer cases were reported in the United States with 609,640 cancer deaths.

In Illinois alone (where I live)  66,330 people ended up with some form of cancer in 2018.

Lung cancer is actually the leading cause of cancer deaths and the second most common cancer among both men and women in the United States.  In fact, Lung cancer has now surpassed breast cancer in women and is the leading cause of death.

This goes to show that every single one of us is at RISK.  Those of us that take the steps towards prevention and early detection have the best chance of a long and healthy life.

For those that ARE stricken with cancer… there is so much MORE then conventional treatment and so far… I am living proof!

So… Here’s My Story!

When I was 21 years old, I watched my Grandmother die a horrible death from Ovarian Cancer.  I knew that there were some risks in older women with a family history,  but I surely didn’t consider myself OLD!!   🙂

Since I knew it was almost impossible to detect, I was just too busy with my life to go through all of the advanced testing.  

Nor did I ever think it could happen to me.  I was distracted with all I was doing in my life and sadly I put my health on the back burner, even when I started noticing the signs that something was wrong.   IF I just had gotten a simple ultra sound, the cancer would have been detected so much earlier giving me a much higher chance of survival.

I didn’t even bother to STUDY on the subject so I didn’t realize that my risk was 3 times higher because it ran in my family.  

In reality, this horrible disease is not only taking the lives of women in their 50’s and 60’s but NOW women in their 20’s and 30’s!  And the recurrence rate is 85% and even higher.   THIS is why my story is so important!  


From 2016 to 2017 … I started to gain quite a bit of weight  (almost 40 pounds).  I found myself trying to stay on a diet even though previously I had always been tall and thin.  I simply blamed this extra weight on my age,  drinking too much beer and eating unhealthy, fatty foods 🙂  

Concerning Cancer, I had always thought you LOST weight when you got sick, surely not GAINED it!   I then learned that weight gain with cancer can be very common. 

I also noticed that for over a year that I was exceptionally tired all the time.  I wasn’t my energetic self but again, I just thought it was because I was getting older and not getting enough sleep!  I even started light snoring which is something I had NEVER done before.  This was just another sign that something was really wrong as I was so exhausted all of the time.   I had even gotten a flu shot for work and it made me sick for MONTHS.   Another indication that my body was not strong enough to fight off any extra poison. 

My lower back began hurting all the time, especially in the morning and late at night. I even bought a new mattress which didn’t help.   I started to experience sharp pain in my lower abdomen but thought I might have a temporary infection or cyst that would go away.

When I look back at all the discomfort and changes I was going through, I now realize how STUPID I was.   Here I had never been sick a day in my life and had always been so healthy. 

I never dreamed that I was walking around with a ticking time bomb inside of me that could kill me at any time and that my days were now numbered.


When I finally went to my gynecologist in mid December, I was in excruciating pain.  I could even feel my ovaries throbbing with sharp pain and my lower back was killing me.  It was like one day I woke up and it ALL had become very PAINFUL AT ONCE !  It’s strange how one day you are ok with some discomfort, and then all of a sudden you are doubled over and it won’t let up or go away. 

When the doctor came in after my ultra sound, I saw the look on her face and my heart sank.  She didn’t sugar coat anything and told me that I needed to see an Oncologist immediately.  And she let me know that it was really bad and that I had no time to waste.

I almost went into shock but I knew that I had to snap out of it and find a good oncologist immediately as I wanted to be the one to make that decision.   So I started researching online that night and made an appointment with the best of the best at Barnes Jewish Hospital the next day.

I also called the very best practitioner I knew who practices alternative and natural medicine for a living as I knew as he’d know what to do   And he did!


I was in surgery for almost 5 hours and they removed most of the cancer the best they could.  It was much worse than they expected.

They had to remove 8 of my organs and I also underwent a double bowel resection.   In addition, they had told me that were micro particles of the cancer that were left behind and would begin to spread and land all over… and they did!

I was released from the hospital 9 days later and couldn’t even take care of myself for weeks and weeks on end.  Thankfully my family and friends got me through it and I love them all so much as it wasn’t easy.

I ended up right back in the hospital within 3 weeks as my right kidney started to shut down. However… I took the pain and surgery like a champ and just didn’t worry or even care as I had this special power that overrode it all.


Everyone has to make a decision on whether they will fight their cancer with conventional chemo treatment or not.   My decision had to be made 6 weeks after surgery as I had to heal to the point where my body was strong enough to handle it   In fact I was already in the hospital dealing with the kidney issue and they wanted to administer chemo right then and there. 

I was faced with having to decide what to do.   I felt that I had to stop the spread of the disease as my CA 125 was rising higher (a blood test for ovarian cancer that shows increased cancer cell activity), but was also torn over the fact that I would be  putting pure poison in my body which may or may not help me survive.

I have always believed in natural and alternative cancer treatment.  Throughout the last decade I have witnessed both those I know personally and others through cancer groups who were sent home to die and now are cancer free thanks to natural protocols.  


After my second surgery and while I was still hospitalized, I did what I vowed I would never do.

I decided to start chemotherapy along with continuing alternative natural treatment.

Chemotherapy was the only way (I felt at the time) to stop the cancer cells that were rapidly spreading in my abdomen.  The doctors said I wouldn’t even make it 6 months without treatment and I was scared, so I jumped in and did it.  I know that it affects everyone differently and some people barely even get sick or have pain…  but my body simply couldn’t tolerate it.  

Each of the 3 full rounds of treatments I had  (Taxol and Carboplatin)  made me so sick and weak.  After all of the surgery I had, I was trying to recover from that on TOP of the horrible side effects from chemo.   This all made tolerating the chemical even more difficult.   I couldn’t even leave the house for weeks and my immune system was shot.    I stayed away from people as I knew I couldn’t get any sicker and even catching a cold or flu from someone could finish me off.

During that time… I continued all my alternative treatments in addition even though many days I would throw them right back up.

Then after those 3 treatments….  I decided that was enough.  NO more chemo.

(Later I found that this was a BIG mistake as I stopped it way too soon)

As I went through this process…  I became tougher and less afraid of my CA 125 numbers.  They had dropped and were now is normal range.  

All Natural Regimen

I started heavily on an all natural regimen and began eating a 100% plant based diet, with occasional and clean chicken and fish. 

I cut out all sugar, flour, dairy, wheat and animal products from my diet.

I stopped using the microwave with radiation and started drinking alkaline water.

I began feeding my body what it NEEDED to fight the disease and started to rebuild my cells back up while ridding my body of the poison from the chemo.  

I had lost so much weight from the surgery and chemo that I didn’t even look like myself.

So I now needed to GAIN weight BACK and started to do so with healthy nutrition.

I consumed organic vegetables and chemical free food with no animal products … especially red meat.     

I needed to allow my body to fight the cancer, without it having to eliminate foreign chemicals.

I started to use chemical free soaps, shampoos and lotions.  Our skin is our biggest organ and chemicals go directly into our blood streams through the skin.  

My face began to fill back out and the dark circles under my eyes started to diminish.  My skin started to look smooth and healthy and I started to look like old myself again.  🙂  Funny how when you feed your body right it will also reverse aging!

I also started to contact other Ovarian and Breast Cancer Survivors that were ALSO doing alternative treatment.   And I learned a lot!!

During that time… I felt great and there was no evidence of disease. 

My STUPID mistake was believing that I had beaten this monster and that I was completely healed.   Even though I knew the high risk of recurrence …  I still allowed myself to slip back into my old lifestyle not realizing the damage I was doing.  


When one diseased cell ignites… it starts to spread!!

In June of 2017 my tumors had vanished… and though I was still not back on my feet 100% … I felt that I had it all under control.  My CA125 numbers were in normal range and I had stopped the chemotherapy.   So?  I was no longer sick from the treatments and I started to feel like a human being again.

I had worked hard to clean up my lifestyle and used food and supplements for my medicine.  And it was working so well.    It SO was time consuming and a very big job keeping up with it all on my own, but I didn’t have a choice.

That is … it was working until I became lazy and downright STUPID.  I started to deviate from my protocol even though I KNEW BETTER!!!  I know I am human but I just wanted to be normal like everyone else!

It IS hard work to eat organic and to drink lots of the juice that you have made with your juicer every day.

Even though I was feeling so much better thanks to all I was doing… I STILL had not yet settled into a 100% healthy lifestyle.  Not yet!!

You DO have to take the time to prepare your food more and stand in the kitchen much longer then you are used to.   

You DO have to shop selectively at the grocery store, read all ingredient labels and WATCH your SUGAR intake.  You must eliminate harmful preservatives from your diet.  

You DO have to consume fresh organic vegetables that are not sprayed with poison.  

You CAN’T go drive through a fast food joint when you are on the run … and eat unhealthy hamburgers … or grab a quick pepsi whenever you want.    

Once you have cancer… it CAN return.

Only ONE diseased cell has to ignite and it starts to multiply.

Well.. to make a long story short… I did start to cheat as it felt and tasted so good!   I talked myself into thinking … one trip through Dairy Queen is OK!   Those fries and chocolate sundae with sugar won’t hurt this one time.  But that one time … became a second time… and then a third time.   That first drink of pepsi was amazing… and then I would tell myself … it’s ok… just a few times!

I went out with my friends and drank margaritas like I always had before.   I also started having a few beers again… and not just one weekend.  Every weekend…  and telling myself it was OK.


SUGAR ignites cancer!! 

ALCOHOL is POISON to someone who is battling cancer.  

FAST FOOD is NOT healthy for your body, especially in a weakened state! 

I was fooling myself and so many cancer patients DO THIS!!  We are human! 

You absolutely MUST go on a CLEAN diet for your first year!   And then limit your cheating after that.    Once in awhile … you can have that sundae or even have a few drinks when you are out… but it’s now poison to you.   You are NOT like other people with immune systems that have the power to fight CANCER CELLS.    Your life has now changed and you have to accept it.

However… you will find, like I have, it is a BLESSING .  You will never FEEL BETTER once you eliminate all the junk and poison from sugar and preservatives from your body.

SO???  My cheating and stupidity set me back 6 months.   I had to return to chemotherapy again as the tumors had grown to the size of an egg in only 3 months time.   I also went back on alternative treatment and have never looked back.

I am back on track and my CA 125  numbers are normal and where they should be!

And your HAIR will GROW BACK! 

Cancer robs you in so many ways… however most women feel they have lost their identity!  Especially when they lose their hair!!    

Again… FEED your BODY with the proper nutrition and your hair will grow back FASTER!!!

AND it will be thicker and even more beautiful than before!!

(This below is only 9 months growth!) Be sure to access Your Hair on the menu above!

The FUTURE … Mine and Yours

It’s a fact that I will continue to live with my disease for the rest of my life as will everyone else dealing with cancer.

I also know that it can come back at any time no matter what I do… so I simply do the very best I can.

I do know one thing…. Chemotherapy alone is simply NOT enough for the LONG haul.   A cancer victim needs the extra edge to win, especially from recurrence.

Take care of your body if you are cancer free right now and take PREVENTATIVE STEPS! Remembering that 1 out of 3 people WILL get cancer.

Every single person READING this has had it affect their lives in one way or another with someone we love or know.

There are certain things I want to share and that I have learned.    I want to share this with other women, as Ovarian and Breast Cancer are women’s diseases, but with EVERYONE who is subject to ANY cancer which is 100% of the population.

1)   Please Don’t Live in a Fog believing that CANCER can’t happen to YOU!IT CAN!  We all have cancer cells in our bodies and by making simple changes in your your life, you really can help to KEEP those cells from BECOMING diseased.

Only 100 hundred years ago, 1 out of 800 people got cancer.  In 2018 sadly it’s 1 out of 3  🙁  Why IS that?   Clearly it is due to the chemicals that are all around us and that we consume on a daily basis.  They are in our food, water, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, and the air we breathe just to name a few.  While we can’t possibly eliminate our exposure to all of them, we should take steps to do our best as prevention is key to living cancer free. 

2)   Do NOT Ignore Changes and  Pain in Your Body or pass them off due to age or lifestyle.   If something is not right or persists over a one week time period, be sure to get it checked out immediately.   Cancer spreads so fast and early detection can mean life or death.

3)  Get Routine Checkups and Don’t Put Them Off!   It’s SO easy to say “I’ll book an appointment next month” especially when you FEEL GOOD!   Procrastination happens because you ARE so busy with your family, work and life… but don’t let that happen!!  Countless women who I have shared my story with,  have now gotten the pap tests and mammograms that they had been putting off.  And I feel so good about that!  Keep in mind that mammogram testing should be minimal as having too many can GIVE you breast cancer from the radiation.

3)  Try HARD to ELIMINATE as MANY CHEMICALS from your life as possible.  Spend the extra money to eat healthier including ORGANIC and NON GMO foods.  Choose hormone free, antibiotic free and cage free chicken.   If  you MUST eat red meat, make sure it’s grass fed beef.  Milk is also considered to be one of the worst things you can drink as it’s FULL of hormones and antibiotics so drink Almond Milk which is SO MUCH healthier and tastes better too!

4)  STOP SMOKING and limit your ALCOHOL!   Social drinking on the weekends is one thing, and something I won’t ever give up,  but if you are drinking every day it becomes poison in your body and ruins your liver.  And we all know that 500,000 deaths per year result from smoking. 

5)  IF You HAVE CANCER, don’t FOOL yourself into thinking that Chemo alone will save you!  It may for awhile or even years BUT it CAN come back IF you don’t take it upon yourself to give your body what it needs to STAY healthy.  Take extra care of what you put into your body and consume cancer fighting foods while you are in the battle …. and then never stop!!  

Example:  SUGAR feeds CANCER and makes it spread … as do many other foods.  Don’t consume what will cause your cancer to grow or to return, but EAT what will KEEP it from COMING BACK!!!

6) Consider ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT!   Existing Cancer, In Remission, or Preventative... There really IS… NO DECISION!!!   You can take it right along with conventional chemo.  Or if you are now finished with chemo, or have decided AGAINST chemo.  OR if you have been sent home because it’s all too late!   There have been thousands of cases where people were given months to live and are now alive and well thanks to alternative treatment.

There are all natural protocols out there that KILL CANCER even more effectively than conventional methods.   You must do your homework and stay on top of your disease.  What may work for some may not for others.  Just like conventional chemo.   

It’s a fact that God miraculously created our bodies in such a way that they will HEAL THEMSELVES.  However,  we MUST consume what they need to REPAIR, ESPECIALLY when there is disease present!  This includes minerals that we no longer get from our food. 

God really did put plants with roots on this earth to heal for a reason.


Thankfully the chemical chemotherapy I took… and then the natural chemo that I have been doing are working!   After meeting with some of the leading practitioners in the US and Canada as well as other women who have survived 10-18 + years after they were given so little hope, I created a combination of my own protocols using their regimens and so far am winning!!

However, this will never go away for me but just go to sleep.  Recurrence is extremely high with Ovarian cancer.

There are certain products and diet protocols that I consume every day and I give them full credit to them for my healing.   I want to share this with whoever is interested and please keep in mind… it can only HELP you and never hurt you!

I have included a link on this page where they are listed and it’s also on the menu above,  that I highly recommend.   These Protocols are not ONLY for Ovarian Cancer but are being used by OTHER cancer survivors that have lived way beyond their doctor’s prediction. 

Please access the Stay Healthy Protocol Button Below for That Information! 


Fighting Cancer once you have it will become a new lifestyle for the rest of your days.

It’s up to each individual to stay educated and make the right decisions.   The great thing is you can change your path at any given time as long as your disease is continually monitored.

The KEY is to keep CANCER under control and REMAIN in remission.  By taking responsibility for what you PUT INTO YOUR BODY is up to you.   Educate yourself so you can live as long as possible and enjoy the days you have left.  Do it for yourself and for your family.

Allow God to lead the way as He WILL stand with you!   It’s a journey that too many people are forced to take, however it will make you grow in ways that you never dreamed possible.

Forgive others and hold no grudges.   You can never be truly happy and free unless you do.
You need to heal not only your body, but your soul.

Live every day to the fullest and appreciate the things you used to always take for granted.  This is the only gift that cancer gives you as you look at life and everything so differently.   

My love and thanks go out to those people who continually stand by my side.  

You took care of me when I couldn’t even stand and held my hand through my darkest days.  I am forever grateful.  Your love and support has shown me what real love is.

Those that truly care,  check on me continually, pray for me, and stand with me. Their kindness, caring and concern has meant so much to me and I am so blessed.

Most importantly I have learned that those who turn away and don’t have time for you, plus can’t be bothered with the inconvenience of your illness, never loved you to begin with.  And they certainly don’t deserve to be in your life.  I had to learn this the hard way but am so thankful for it now! 

I have learned so much about life and death through this process and I am so blessed and grateful for that!

For the women reading this that are also on the battlefield … never forget how strong we are.

God made us this way and you WILL get through this.  Just keep moving forward and always remember that we take care of each other!

Thanks for allowing me to share all of this and please pass this blog on to others in hopes of it being of some help to them.  

May God Bless You And Wishing You The Best Life EVER!!

Cindy Christeson 

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