Your Hair WILL Grow Back!

It’s DEVASTATING – But Your Hair Will Come Back FAST!!

The very first thing I thought of when I learned I must have chemo….

Will I lose my hair?  Of course, I already KNEW the answer!  🙁

However… it IS temporary! 

FEED your BODY with the proper nutrition and your hair will grow back FASTER!

(Here I am below from the start and then after only 9 months growth!)

It will be thicker and even more beautiful than before!!

which is the leading chemo drug for Breast and Ovarian cancer … DOES make your hair fall out.   Even with only 1 treatment!

What I DIDN’T know … there IS an option IF you pay the price!

COLD CAPS!   Had I known about them before my first treatment…

I would have done it in a heartbeat!    

I have met with many women who were so thankful they chose this option and to look at them… you never even would know they had chemo!   

It’s a fact that most women would rather lose their breast then their hair!  So this is a tough decision.

However.. I will say that my hair had thinned a lot due to the cancer… and now it’s super thick and healthy!!  🙂

Cold Caps look like this below.   And they come in a cooler that is plugged into a wall as the caps must be changed out every 20 minutes.

Cold Caps work for approximately 80% of women
and only a small amount of hair is lost.
Thinning does occur however… and for others it may not work at all.

There are no guarantees!    BUT… if you want to hold on to your hair... and have the money it’s well worth a try.   Speaking of cost… Cold Caps run about $500 a month but if you compare this to a good wig… it could be worth it for you!

Your head is iced throughout the entire chemotherapy treatment.   The cap must be changed every 20 minutes throughout the entire 4-6 hours of chemo and then another few hours after you are home.    So it’s a job for sure… but for thousands of women … well worth it!

It also can be painful … especially at first…  as your head is frozen!  And you will have headaches as well.   You also must have a partner to help you change the cap continually throughout your entire chemotherapy treatment and then after you get home as well.  

This can all take a lot of commitment and can be expensive, but I know women who still have ALL of their hair AFTER chemotherapy!  

If you want more information… just do your research!

Simply Google :  cold caps for chemotherapy

There are several companies that you rent the entire system from.  

Penquin is one of the most popular companies!

Cancer robs you in so many ways… and most women ALREADY feel they have lost their identity!  Their lives have drastically changed… and then they look in the mirror and are lost!

This is one option and everyone should know that Cold Caps ARE available!

I didn’t know until it was too late … so I am just spreading the word!

If you DO lose your hair…  here are the BEST things you can do to grow it back quickly!

* Rub Black Castor Oil into your scalp daily!
* Take 10,000 mg Biotin daily
* Eat Healthy Organic Berries
* Take Extra Organic Protein


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