Aug 03

Good News and Bad News – Must Read

newcindysmIt’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post regularly on my blog and Facebook and in fact…I haven’t been even able to work my online businesses for a few months due to a personal family crisis.

I LOVE networking and thrive on it,  however I was pretty much pulled away and missed the daily excitement of online marketing.   I was able to spend a bit of time… but nothing like I was used to and felt like a big part of me was missing.  That’s the Bad News

The Good News is…. there HAS been a light at the end of the tunnel and it feel SO good to be able to network again!

THROUGHOUT the time I was away and could barely find the hours to put into my business… my monthly INCOME KEPT GROWING….as I am compensated on the growth of the organization itself and the work of others.    THIS is RESIDUAL income!

I am now 59 years old and this past year alone has taught me more about life than the other 58 years I’ve been alive.  And I have gained a new kind of wisdom and awareness that I would have never had if not for the crisis I have gone through .

But here is another thing that I learned and came to realize…even though I already new this….I had not LIVED IT.   And that is… working from home and running your own online business is CRUCIAL in today’s world.

The time freedom from being able to control what you do each day, the income being far greater than working for someone else is wonderful, but it is the residual income, the money that keeps coming in every month, that can truly keep someone from financial ruin,  if something happens that they can not get to work.

Most people trade 8 hours of time and their hard work for a weekly paycheck.   But what happens when something happens, a personal crisis, tragedy or personal illness and they are indisposed?  Everything in their life and all they have worked so hard for is lost?

As I reflect on what I have gone through and others have gone through…having a strong home business with a true residual income stream that continues to grow whether you work it or not… creates not only a safety net…but a financial blessing that can not be found elsewhere.

I had grown a couple of online  income streams that not only kept paying me every week even through my uncontrollable absence and that reliable income has only GROWN every month.   Even though I was not even able to do a THING!

This is the BEAUTY of TRUE RESIDUAL income!   

A good networking colleague of mine was in a car accident and in the hospital for weeks, and couldn’t work for months.   Same thing!  Her residual income continued to grow and PAY her WHILE she was away.

Lastly…everyone NEEDS a home business for TAX WRITE OFFS!!  People have NO idea the money they are LOSING from NOT having their own business!

So thanks for reading this and one thing I love about this industry is the opportunity to help others reach financial security by learning how to market and make money online.

It’s extremely rewarding and explosively profitable IF you put your efforts into the RIGHT business!!

Check out my primary business – below. !

It is so GREAT to be back to WORK and am loving every minute of it!  Thanks for reading this!










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