Aug 12

Get Organic Traffic With YOUR Blog!

blog-postMany people think that blogging is a waste of time, takes too much effort or do not know how to create the right kind of post that is worth the effort.It’s really easy to generate organic traffic from every blog post you create and really does not take that much time.  In fact…all you need to do is spend about 20 minutes a day and if you do this every day and follow these easy instructions…you will start gaining visitors and interested prospects for YOUR business.
If you want to create SEO posts (search engine optimized) you can actually outsource the job which is cost effective and FAST!

Here are some outsourcing options for writing SEO posts (simply include the right keywords and headline)

Step 1 – Login to your wordpress blog or blogger

Step 2 – Under Posts, Click “Add New”

  • You will be writing and creating your post here with the next steps we talk about.  Anything you find you write it in this section…

Step 3 – Find Topic & Keyword Guidelines

  • Think of a topic you want to write about.  Then find keywords for that topic using Google Keyword Tool… https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool
  • Ideas: Company Reviews, Product Reviews, Affiliate Programs, Book Summaries, Marketing Tips, Any Tools You Use, Your Primary Business Keywords, Guru Reviews.
  • If you are going for product keywords then that is easy just use the “product name” or “product name review” “product name scam” “join product name”
  • If you would like to know if you can get on the first page of google for a keyword pretty easy then go for these numbers:  Using google keyword tool make sure it’s at least above 300 exact searches per month…  Then type the keyword in google with quotes “keyword” if it’s less then 300,000 results that show up then you are golden!
  • So perfect keyword is 300 exact searches or more per month and under 300,000 search results competition!

Step 4 – Format for your post with these SEO guidelines

  • Post should be 300-500 words minimum
  • Keyword in Title, Permalink & Tags
  • Have an H2 & H3 with your keyword throughout your post
  • First & Last sentence in post should have keyword
  • Upload an Image with the Alt Text as the Keyword
  • 1-3% keyword density… So if you have 500 words then your keyword needs to be in post at least 5-15  times…
  • Then Your Personal Signature with call to action to share the content, Your Image, Name, Contact info, Your primary business, PS line promoting something & last sentence with your keyword…At the end of each article or blog

 I personally get a LOT of traffic with my blogs and also promote my businesses along with marketing content.  

In fact.. I am giving away a FREE Voucher worth hundreds of dollars along with this FREE VIP Pass.

I’ve added this to work along side of my primary business for the training, traffic and services… and it’s been amazing and it’s very profitable!    Get your Pass Below!








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