Mar 24

Facebook – Best Friend – OR – Time Sucker Extrordinaire?


So you login to Facebook… You say hi to your friends…

You watch a couple of funny cat videos…

You do a few poke poke, wink wink, oink oinks…

And you suddenly realize TWO HOURS WENT BY!

It’s time to put Facebook to better useas it can make you MORE MONEY than you ever dreamed!

Launch Your Business on Facebook.

This is a very short and easy way to get your business in front of the right people.

1) Open a new Facebook account for business. If you already have a Facebook account. most likely those on your friends list are all family members, high school friends and folks from church etc. These are not the kind of folks that will be interested in your business posts. You want to connect with people who are already involved with online marketing and promotion.

2) Set up your account professionally. Add a business profile, a good picture of yourself and a decent header. It can even be a family photo …but put some thought into it. Your photo is important… as Facebook is all about putting a name with a face. Therefore… this is the FIRST thing you must do and be sure it is a good head shot and not a far away photo where you can not see your face :-)

3) Connect with your Business Associates on Facebook. 

4) Join Network Marketing Facebook Groups. Some people don’t even realize that there are hundreds of groups on Facebook where you can post your ads and offers to. This will not only will this give you exposure but you start receiving friend requests from other online networkers. And this is the goal… to build your business friends list… in addition.

These are the kind of folks you want to connect with. Of course they might send you a link to what they are doing… that’s ok! You will be doing the same thing later on. It’s the connection that counts as THEIR friends will also want to connect and so forth. How do you find the right Groups to join? You will want to join the groups that pertain to Network Marketing, MLM, Home Business, Stay At Home Moms etc.

There are thousands of groups out there for almost every subject you can imagine, but you will only be interested in joining those that are primarily for Online Business. You also can scroll down on the group page and make sure that you SEE other posts from members pertaining to their business so you know that it’s ok to post there.

The same goes with posting in groups on YOUR own Timeline!

You can post your text and URL to your website… and it will automatically grab the graphic from your page… or you can upload it yourself.

You can also BOOST your post so it is read by more people on your friends list (we suggest you grow
a good sized networking friends list before you do this) This is low cost to do and will move your post higher in your friend’s news feeds and reach even MORE people.

Just a quick word about Facebook autoposters. When they first come out …some work for awhile but then Facebook will block it sooner or later. Some are expensive and then post to too many groups at once which can put your account in jeopardy. There are a few that do work and we will address that later on.

For now…manual posting is best until you get the hang of it.

How Often Should You Post?

POST DAILY to Groups… consistency is key. The more you keep posting the same ad… you WILL get attention.  Also…change up your wording from time to time on a sentence or two …make it personal as well like in a testimony!

Post to your Timeline too!   

(Example) “I’ve never been a part of anything LIKE THIS!” etc… personal is not so ad common.

or… I’ve been losing weight on this product like crazy!! Check this out….

As you become more and more familiar with Facebook and online marketing world… it will become
a skill and everyday task that you will want to take advantage of and perform.

The best time to post to groups in my opinion is about 5 or 6pm… and/or early in the morning.



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