Elevacity – Why I Choose CraveSWITCH With IsXperia!

Just a few words about my experience with Elevacity!

I was a member of Elevacity in 2018 and started to drink the Elevate coffee for some added energy and mood elevation.  

I had been pretty ill and the product seemed to work well and I shared some samples with some of my associates.  

There had been quite some buzz about Elevacity so I decided to investigate.  When I did –  I noticed that the company had a lot of ups and downs in the past.

Elevacity was launched in 2016 by Robert Oblon. This wasn’t Mr. Oblon’s first business. In 2005, he was a co-creator of WorldVentures; one of the leading network marketing companies focused on travel.  In fact I was involved with World Ventures and loved marketing travel 🙂   His next venture was Four Oceans; a self-improvement company. When this company took the back burner, Elevacity came to be.

I know all ABOUT corporate changes and Elevacity now has a NEW President, Donna Valdez.

However, the most important thing I noticed was… the formula of the Elevate coffee  (over the next few months) didn’t seem to be the same or deliver the same effect as it had in the beginning.

Not for ME anyway… and this is not to say it is like this for everyone.  But for myself personally… I simply started to try other healthy coffees out there in the industry to compare.

When I came across IsXperia’s CraveSWITCH COFFEE and TEA and tried a few samples…
I couldn’t believe the difference!   In fact.. I was BLOWN AWAY!

It was even BETTER than the FIRST Elevacity Elevate coffee I had over 6 months prior.   Talk about a MOOD elevator!   And I actually had so much energy and found that I had to REMIND myself to eat!   So I now drink it regularly and the rest is history!

The weight loss has been amazing thanks to IsXperia’s

CraveSWITCH Coffee and CraveSWITCH Tea! 

And these formula KEEP delivering!

On top of that… I found that IsXperia’s CBD product line was the most powerful I had ever tried as well!

And on top of ALL of THAT... IsXperia offers DISCOUNT TRAVEL unlike any I have ever seen.

So … while Elevacity offers good products … in my opinion… they don’t  come CLOSE to
IsXperia’s CraveSWITCH and other product line.  This includes their CBD oils!

CraveSwitch Coffee is Infused with a cognitive enhancer … it optimizes several systems in your brain, to help improve your concentration, memory and alertness, as well as reduce stress and mental fatigue.

  • All Natural Premium 100% Arabica Blend

  • Nootropic: Cognitive Support Formula

  • Supports Concentration, Memory and Alertness

  • Help Manage Stress and Mental Fatigue

  • Weight Management Thermogenic

I encourage anyone who is looking for a FEEL GOOD, Weight Management Coffee that truly delivers consistently… to try CraveSWITCH Coffee!

In FACT… they PROVE it with their 3 Day sample packs!! 

PLUS… throw IN IsXweet Antioxidant ENERGY chews as well!


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