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Aug 12

Get Organic Traffic With YOUR Blog!

Many people think that blogging is a waste of time, takes too much effort or do not know how to create the right kind of post that is worth the effort.It’s really easy to generate organic traffic from every blog post you create and really does not take that much time.  In fact…all you need …

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Aug 03

Good News and Bad News – Must Read

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post regularly on my blog and Facebook and in fact…I haven’t been even able to work my online businesses for a few months due to a personal family crisis. I LOVE networking and thrive on it,  however I was pretty much pulled away and missed the daily …

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May 20

The Age of “Average” is OVER!

I was thinking the other day about the differences between people who generate massive income and long term success online vs those that fail miserably. It’s a fact that so many people talk themselves OUT of success because they don’t believe in themselves enough to keep going until they reach it. The age of average …

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Feb 18

Solo Ad Success!

What are Solo Ads? In the simplest terms a solo ad is when you pay someone to email their existing list with your offer. Generally, the email will be with their recommendation and will include your image and link to your free offer. Most of the time network marketers run solo ads with free mlm …

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Apr 18

Blogging Tips For Daily Traffic!

If you want to make more money online and create MORE traffic to your website…just create a popular blog and watch what happens! The key to success is creating a large readership and returning visitors which will continually spike your traffic numbers. Exactly how do you make your blog more popular and gain daily traffic? …

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Apr 17

Syndicate Your Blog NOW!

Many people who have a blog simply make a post with their specific content and stop there…without promoting it. If you want to increase your traffic to your blog…you absolutely must take the link to your post…and plaster it everywhere! Do this every day…and you will increase your targeted traffic immediately. Here are some GREAT …

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Apr 15

Create Your 90 Day Story!

If you are experiencing burnout its because of Lack of clarity & Vision! Watch this short video to see what we are doing as a team for the next 90 days to help you breakthrough in your business! You Deserve To See the Bonuses We Offer As a “Prosperity Team” Lock Arms With Us By …

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Apr 14

“Must See” Video – Will Smith

There are not very many people that have the dedication & work ethic of Will Smith! We can all learn something from his dedication and work ethic… I mean this GUY is willing to DIE on a treadmill! You absolutely MUST SEE this video! You will LOVE it!   We’re going to show you the …

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Apr 14

You “Deserve” Success – You Don’t “Need” It!

I remember when I was struggling I would always say things like: I need to make more money… I need to get out of debt… I need to generate more leads… Sound Familiar?? Watch what happened to Mike when HE made 1 minor shift in his thoughts! This is an awesome video….Click Play! You Deserve …

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Mar 24

Facebook – Best Friend – OR – Time Sucker Extrordinaire?

So you login to Facebook… You say hi to your friends… You watch a couple of funny cat videos… You do a few poke poke, wink wink, oink oinks… And you suddenly realize TWO HOURS WENT BY! It’s time to put Facebook to better use… as it can make you MORE MONEY than you ever …

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