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Blogging Tips For Daily Traffic!

blog-1If you want to make more money online and create MORE traffic to your website…just create a popular blog and watch what happens!

The key to success is creating a large readership and returning visitors which will continually spike your traffic numbers.

Exactly how do you make your blog more popular and gain daily traffic?


1) First…determine WHO your audience is and WHO you want to attract!

Example..if you are wanting to bring business opportunity seekers or entrepreneurs to your blog…you won’t want to write a post about cooking or gardening! You want to post interesting and useful content that will useful to your readers.

2) You don’t have to be a professional writer!

The great thing about blogging is that you don’t have to be a professional writer…but you do want to compose posts with interesting topics and content that will keep your readers coming back to read more of your posts.

3) Creating Back Links is a MUST

If you want to drive daily traffic to your blog and you will want to learn how to expose your post with  Back Links.

Basically back links are links you post elsewhere (like on social media sites) that link back to your blog.

Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg are great places to post your post link.   Every time that you make a new post, you should post your link out on these social sites immediately.   This also includes Pingler!  (Example:  as soon as I click Publish this post…I will then post it to all of the networks and plaster it all over the net.

Learn more about Back Links Here

Also please note that I include my business links at the bottom of every post and you should do the same!  By doing so…it will send visitors to YOUR  business …as well as your blog!

4) Your Blog Design! 

Most people use WordPress or Blogger for their blogs.  It is important to have a good design or template that grabs attention and is pleasing to the eye. In addition…if your blog is unique it will grab an audience as well so the look and feel is important.

Your posts should be divided up into small paragraphs, each with a headline if possible.   This way your readers can scan to seek out relevant content if needed without having to read the entire post word by word.  Make sure your text colors are not harsh and are easy to read.  Again..you want your readers to come back and then remain on your page.

5) Get Your Blog Indexed!

Try to get your blog indexed by all of the major search engines.  The higher ranked your blog is…the more visitors you will receive and the more popular your blog will become.   You can submit your blog to all of the search engines for free on sites like http://www.submitexpress.com

For more great tips and secrets…join our Marketing Team and learn the insider secrets to massive traffic and online business success!


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